Save up to $6,000 with the South Australian Home Battery Scheme

Published On: November 9th, 2018|2 min read|

Save up to $6,000 with the South Australian Home Battery Scheme

South Australia has been awarded an exciting opportunity to access healthy subsidies for the installation of home solar and batteries, with the launch of South Australia’s “home battery scheme”. The scheme will provide grants of up to $6,000 to finance the installation of residential solar battery storage systems, offering low-interest loans for the balance if warranted.

Redback Technologies Smart Hybrid System is an all-in-one solar and battery system is designed with the user in mind. It is purpose built to improve the customer experience. When comparing the key product benefits to comparable solutions in the market, the choice of the Redback Smart Hybrid System is easy.

The Redback Smart Hybrid System is easy to install and is notably cheaper than other home solar systems. The system also boasts an impressive 5kW hybrid inverter and a 9.6kWh battery capacity. The solution also carries a faster payback period of just over five years, ensuring consumers can enjoy some financial relief significantly earlier in the process.

These capabilities are something to consider when making a decision on your household solar battery system. The cost and product benefits of the Smart Hybrid System are the results of tireless local research and development by Redback Technologies to bring an innovative and affordable solution to the Australian consumer.

As a home-grown brand, founded in Brisbane in 2015, the company has always emphasised local energy research and development which has seen the establishment and growth of various research facilities dedicated to driving innovative solutions to market. We are proudly supported by the Microsoft Innovation centre, and work closely with the University of Queensland to ensure high-quality products are delivered.

We have more than 40 engineers, technical and professional staff focused on developing low-cost solutions for all Australians. By focusing our efforts on growing a local workforce, we’re driving greater opportunities nationwide.

This is because Redback Technologies projects support not only South Australia but the entirety of Australia, leading the way for energy research and development that will drive meaningful growth in renewable energy.

While we wholeheartedly back Premier Steven Marshall’s intention to deliver more affordable and reliable energy to South Australia, the message for homeowners is simple, don’t rush into a long-term decision.

“Redback Technologies is committed to bringing together the brightest minds and driving local innovation, bringing the most affordable solar and battery solutions to all Australians.”

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