Watch Glen Morris’ chat with Redback’s Technical Trainer at Smart Energy Expo 2021

“Every time I turn up to one of these events, Redback gets bigger.” – Glen Morris.

  Chatting to Joel from Redback Technologies at the Smart Energy Expo 2021 Posted by Smart Energy Lab on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Solar and battery storage tech guru Glen Morris, from SolarQuip, chats to Redback’s Technical Trainer Joel Greenbury directly from the Smart Energy Expo 2021, in a deep dive into our Smart 3-Phase Hybrid system and our newly released AC coupled Smart Battery Systems, coming up later this year.

Morris also highlights how our installer app makes installation less prone to errors and explains how the simplicity of our designs makes it easier for consumers to monitor their system.

“We like to think it’s one of the easiest [installer] apps in the market” – Joel.

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