Victorian Solar Battery Rebate to reduce from July 1

Published On: May 12th, 2022|1 min read|

Solar Victoria, which runs the Solar Homes subsidy program, has been offering Victorian households generous rebates on solar panels, inverters and batteries since its inception in 2018. With more households and small businesses taking advantage of each rebate release, Solar Victoria has recently announced that their solar battery rebate amount would be reduced, allowing them to increase the number of overall rebates on offer.

From July 1, 2022, Victoria’s solar battery rebate is reducing by $550, from $3,500 to $2,950. But there is still time to take advantage of the larger rebate, as Victorian households who have had their rebate approved before June 30 will still be eligible for the full $3,500 subsidy.

Solar Victoria said the new rebate amount would allow them to support an additional 1,700 battery rebates, bringing the total number on offer for 2022-23 to 5,200.

Speaking at 2022’s Smart Energy Council conference, Solar Victoria CEO Stan Krpan explained the reason for the reduction.

“We’ve seen a five-fold increase in [battery rebate] application numbers from 2020-21 to 2021-22… We make adjustments for the program each year, trying to watch the market, trying to get ahead of the market.”

For households looking to receive a more substantial rebate, Victorians can sign up for the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program, which allows home batteries from multiple dwellings to be networked together to make the most of their solar system and batteries. The VPP pilot program offers higher solar battery rebates at a fixed rate of $4,174 towards the upfront cost of a solar battery and installation.

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