The 2-Sided Market with Patrick Matweew at Virtual Smart Energy Conference 2020

Watch Redback’s CEO, Patrick Matweew, at the Virtual Smart Energy Conference 2020. As one of the guest speakers at the ‘Monitoring, Communications and Control’ session, he discusses how a 2-sided market opens an opportunity for consumer empowerment and participation.

“In order to make the 2-sided market work, in order to get customer to buy into the energy market future that we want to create, that we want to have them participating in, so it helps the network, and it helps create that sustainable future; we need to change our view of the consumers. They are not a problem, they are not the cash cow, they are a transaction partner, they need to be respected, they need to be given a fair deal.”

“We need to analyse the size of the problem, and that’s why we need grid level visibility, grid level understanding of the network. Then we can quantify the problem and know how much the solution is worth it. And that’s what we are working on.”

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