Team Spotlight: Paul Hillman

Published On: February 9th, 2024|3 min read|

Welcome to Team Spotlight – where we introduce you to the talented Redback Technologies team. As an Australian technology company, Redback’s heart lies with its engineers and software developers. So, for this edition, we’re taking a deep dive into the career of our Director of Software – Paul Hillman.

Paul’s Redback story began at our Brisbane-based head office in 2017, where he came on board as our Software Development Manager, bringing several decades of high-level experience to the team. Paul brought with him a wealth of experience from diverse, international industries including telecommunications, energy, mining, finance, leisure, superannuation, annuity, and health and fitness.

Within 2 years of joining Redback, Paul transitioned into his current role as Director of Software, where he’s been leading a large, talented team of Software Developers and Software Engineers ever since. Paul’s technical, diverse and professional skillset has led the Redback team to develop end-to-end solutions, propel the business forward, and achieve favourable results for our customers.

Let’s take a deep dive into Paul’s extensive and impressive career to date.

After establishing his skills at Coles Myer in IT and Project Management, Paul had his first big foray into startups when he built a software team and was instrumental in the architecture and delivery of a product to market that is still operational today.

Paul’s next role saw him delving into high-volume processing architecture at a highly successful international finance organisation, before designing and developing a multi-tenanted solution across Europe. Before heading back Down Under, Paul enjoyed living in the UK and contributing to the British Telecommunications industry.

Upon returning to Australia, Paul served as an Enterprise Architect in the superannuation industry. Paul then joined Avanade, a joint venture of global giant Microsoft, where he focussed on strategic planning and execution. While working with Microsoft, he led several large accounts across Australia in Digital Solutions, Cloud Architecture, Sales and Project Management. In this role, Paul led Avanade’s entire Australian Engineering team.

A Bright Career with Redback

Flashing forward to 2017, Paul’s renewables journey began at Redback Technologies. Paul joined Redback as he believed in the business’ vision to further advance the adoption of renewables and drive positive change for a more sustainable future. Leveraging his extensive and impressive experience, he developed an aspirational end-to-end delivery methodology, built high-performing teams and successfully re-architected and programmed the Redback IoT cloud platform and its device software.

Paul envisions an energy future where customers can optimise their energy management, contribute to Virtual Power Plants (VPP), and make informed decisions about EV charging. His aspirations for Redback extend to the integration of artificial intelligence in our solutions, reflecting his commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

 “I am very excited, and proud, that we are now building the highly anticipated next generation of our hardware and software. Harnessing my expertise to effect positive change for a sustainable future is what sets Redback apart as truly exceptional.”

Outside the boardroom, Paul ‘walks the talk’ of sustainable living by having a Redback Smart Hybrid System installed in his own home. He speaks highly of its efficiency, highlighting the substantial savings and positive environmental impact it brings.

As he puts it, “I have a big heart for renewables.”