SolarQuotes: “Redback Smart Inverters Ready to Rock”

Published On: January 22nd, 2022|1 min read|

SolarQuotes have featured Redback Technologies’ range of Smart Inverters on their website.

Redback inverters

“Something that really stands out in the specifications is the weight of the inverters – just 8.5kg for the 5kW and 6kW models. Assuming that’s not a typo, these are featherweights compared to other 5/6kW units” – SolarQuotes

Queensland-based Redback Technologies’ new single-phase, grid-tied solar inverters have hit the market. Redback Technologies launched a brand new look in late October last year, and with it news of new smart inverters on their way. On Tuesday, the company announced its Smart Inverter Series is now available and ready to be installed.