Smart solar home batteries power through the WA blackout

Published On: June 1st, 2021|3 min read|

WA homes power through the blackout caused by Tropical Cyclone Seroja

When Tropical Cyclone Seroja made landfall in Western Australia on the evening of the 11th of April, it was a Category 3 cyclone and brought with it wind speeds up to 170km/h. As the storm moved inland, it left behind a trail of destruction and left over 30,000 households without power for up to four days.

Two Western Australian homes powered through the blackout though, thanks in large to their Redback Smart Home Battery Systems and the power of the sun.

Retiree Alan Pusey of Cape Burney had their Redback Smart Home Battery System installed 12 months ago and with the lights on and appliances running throughout the power outage, managed to get through the blackout with ease.

“As soon as the power dropped out, our Redback battery kicked in and life continued as normal for us,” said Alan.

“Of course, the thousands of Western Australians without power were in our thoughts, but we didn’t have any problems, and that’s the peace of mind we paid for when we had our Redback Battery installed – life just went on.”

So normal were Alan and Lyn’s lives that he was even able to watch his football team compete on TV.

“I had the footy playing at some stage and had the volume up, so I think it confused a few people walking past the front door,” laughed Alan.

“A few neighbours poked their head around the corner and I’m sure they wondered how we had power but as I told them, it’s as simple as being prepared and taking advantage of the power of the sun!”

Just a few kilometres up the road in Geraldton, Paul Frick’s young family were also utilising their smart home battery system to power through the storm and managed to help their neighbours and community through the tough period.

“We’re a young family with a toddler, and this was one of the reasons we installed a Redback System, to ensure that when we lose connection to the grid, we can continue to power our home and essential appliances and devices,” said Paul.

“It really provides peace of mind for me and my family.

“It was great because we were able to be there for our neighbours, friends and family with a cup of tea while they charged their phones and whatever other appliances they could.

“At the end of the day, it’s the Australian way to help a mate out in tough times and our home battery system allowed us to power through the blackout and give our family and friends a helping hand.”

It isn’t just piece of mind that Redback Smart Home Batteries are providing, both the Pusey’s and the Frick’s have wiped away their power bills after installing their battery systems over 12 months ago with Alan and Lyn Pusey even watching money credited into their account.

“Our electricity bills have been reflected as electricity credits since we had our solar and Redback Smart Home Battery System installed, it is quite honestly putting money back into our account,” said Alan Pusey.

“When you invest in a Smart Home Battery System like Redbacks, you know you’re going to save money and be prepared for the worst.”

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