The Smart Hybrid System

The Smart Hybrid System combines a 5kW solar inverter and modular battery storage up to 11.8kWh. The modern and sleek design is ideal for single-phase homes that have two-four bedrooms, a regular size air-conditioning system, and power regular home appliances. For example a fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, TV, computer etc.

If you have a three-phase house and require greater battery storage capacity, you may want to check out our Smart Three Phase Hybrid System. 


Why Redback Technologies?

Data at Your Fingertips

MYRedback App

The MYRedback app puts the control in your hands. You can monitor the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid, and your household energy consumption. (MYRedback applies to Android 7 and above and iOS 12.1 and above.) 

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Redback Portal

Monitor your energy use with ease with our Redback Portal web application. The Redback Portal provides an intuitive dashboard that incorporates analytical solar and storage data dating back two years.*

*For data to be collected, the system must be online.

Take Back Your Power with Redback Technologies

Recommended By Homeowners

Recommended By Homeowners

“Redback Technologies was an ideal option for me, being an all-in-one system, and being able to monitor my usage during the day, even when I’m outside of the home…a really good system, very easy to use, and now I’m getting free electricity. Superb.” – Redback Customer, Mark Crowstrom.

“It has made such a difference. We virtually use nothing on the grid, so it has been well worth it. We chose Redback because it was smaller, it was compatible, and it was a really good package. We have received our bill this week and we are $74.75 in credit!” –  Redback Customer, Wendy Leitchfield.