Redback update

At Redback we are focused on developing technology that provides streamlined solutions for installers.

Our customers are important to us and we listen to their feedback because it helps us develop products that are market leading. As a result we are making the following recommendations for the Smart Hybrid Inverter to expedite onboarding and reduce system configuration complexity:

Smart Hybrid WiFi

We are updating the recommended connection for communications in the Redback Smart Hybrid Inverter from WiFi to Ethernet.

This change has been made to streamline installation and ensure that commissioning and updating the Smart Hybrid software is a smooth and easy experience, reducing WiFi challenges that occur due to its intermittent nature.

The reliability provided by an Ethernet connection will also make it easier for Redback to support systems on site and reduce installer after sales service calls.

If a wireless connection is required by the customer this can be accommodated. However, given the variability of WiFi connections we may not be able to provide the end-user with an experience they might expect. It is also likely to restrict the ability of Redback to provide remote support and system updates in certain situations.
Please visit our website for more information.

Battery compatibility

We are focused on ensuring a quality solution that works for our customers, which is why from 1 May 2017, Redback’s Smart Hybrid Inverter will only support with the following battery brands:

• LG Chem (M48)
• Pylontech

Please remember only supported battery types are to be used with the Smart Hybrid unless otherwise communicated by Redback. This change does not affect any system sold by a Redback distributor prior to 1 May 2017.