Rowing towards a sustainable future

Redback Technologies’ solution selected for Torrens Rowing Club solar installation

Redback Technologies’ solution selected for Torrens Rowing Club solar installation
Picture: Left Ross Hendry, Partner and Consultant, Keystones Solar Group. Right Martin Haese, Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide.

Media Release
Monday 1st August, 2016

Redback Technologies’ today announced its Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System has been selected to optimise the energy use of Torrens Rowing Club in Adelaide, as part of its long term strategy to operate sustainably in the future.

The Adelaide Sustainable City Incentives Scheme aims to reduce carbon emissions from the City and conserve energy, water and natural resources.

The Redback System was selected over several other options by Keystones Solar Group, who installed the system after Torrens Rowing Club was awarded a $5,000 grant as part of the Adelaide Sustainable City Incentives Scheme.

“The Rowing Club has been asking me about installing solar for years. We chose Redback’s System because it is upgradeable for future innovations,” said Ross Hendry, Partner and Consultant, Keystones Solar Group.

“Its features enable the club to optimise self-consumption, it is easy to install, integrates with the battery technology we selected and qualified for the Adelaide incentive scheme.”

The City of Adelaide Lord Mayor, Martin Haese, was instrumental in initiating the scheme last year and is determined to ensure the council continues to be a leader in climate action, especially in the renewable energy space.

“This is all part of our ongoing commitment to make continuous availability of carbon free renewable energy a reality. The Torrens Rowing Club, Redback Technologies and Keystones Solar Group partnership is contributing to the community reduction of carbon emissions and is a great example of how adoption of emerging technologies in renewable energy can have a big impact,” said Martin Haese, Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide.

Mike Haines, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Redback Technologies, says this installation represents another step in the right direction as more Australian homeowners and businesses discover the benefits of renewable energy.

“Torrens Rowing Club can be assured that they have an upgradable solution meaning it will remain relevant no matter the innovations that develop down the track. Redback is building the infrastructure for the next generation grid, investing in an upgradable solution that places the power in the hands of Australians who generate it and giving them control over how it’s used,” said Mr Haines.

The Torrens Rowing Club has a rich history of promoted amateur rowing at all levels for over 110 years. The Club boasts over 150 members from beginners, stepping into the boat for the first time, through to Olympians. For more than eleven decades, the Club has ensured it has a strong presence in local, state, national and international regattas and championships, supporting its members to achieve their goals in any way it can.

Keystones Solar Group has been doing residential and commercial solar installations since 2009. They have completed over 200 projects.  With offices in both South Australia and Queensland.

Redback Technologies launched the Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System in October last year, providing a window into the extraordinary future offered by the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Redback is ushering in a new world of renewable energy consumption, generation and trading.