Redback named Best ‘All-in-one Solar Battery System’ 2022

Published On: July 26th, 2022|1 min read|

Redback Technologies’ Smart Hybrid System has been named as the Best All-in-One System 2022 by Clean Energy Reviews.

Smart Hybrid System Installed in Modern Desk with Monochrome Features

“Battery storage is integrated into the sleek weather-rated cabinet and can house up to 4 of the well-proven PylonTech LFP battery modules enabling up to 11.4kWh of total storage capacity.” – Clean Energy Reviews

Our Smart Hybrid System has been praised for its basis in Goodwe ES hybrid’s architecture, which features high (40A) pass through power capability which, unlike most other hybrid inverters, enables the Redback system to handle higher loads in both on and off-grid modes.