Redback makes the front page of the Courier Mail

Published On: December 8th, 2023|1 min read|

Redback is in the news again! We’re excited to have been featured twice in The Courier Mail newspaper on Friday 8/12/2023.

Featured on the front page sits a section about Redback’s ability to “help people save thousands of dollars”, while a piece titled “Redback bites back at power” sits on page 61.

The piece illustrates that Redback systems are Australian engineered for Australia’s harsh climate, while delving into how Aussies are able to achieve more than 100% self sufficiency and blackout backup, while significantly slashing their electricity bill.

Redback’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Adrian Knack was also featured in the story, discussing feed-in tariffs and grid exports.

Thank you to journalist Glen Norris and the wider Courier Mail team for their coverage of Redback’s incredible capabilities.

See the article below:

Redback bites