Queensland Government solar battery grant and loan scheme

On 19 November the Queensland government launched the next phase of its energy affordability plan with the solar battery grant and loan scheme.

The scheme gives Queensland households and small businesses the ability to use the solar they generate into the evening through access to $3000 grants towards the installation of a solar battery storage system or a solar pv and battery storage system. The program also includes a loan scheme that gives households and small businesses access to up to $10,000 in interest free loans (repayable in 10 years) to finance the purchase and install of the system.

The program is open until 30 June 2019 or until funds for the program run out.

Redback Technologies is pleased to be an approved storage system under the scheme and our qualified installation partners can assist interested customers to determine the best system size to meet your needs.

For approved installation partners to the scheme who don’t currently sell Redback products we offer training and can assist you once your training is complete to get approval to sell and install the Redback system.

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