Queensland solar & battery grant scheme

On 19 November 2018, the Queensland government launched the home battery grant and interest-free loan scheme.  The program allows Queensland households to access 1500 grants of up to $3000 to install battery storage on their homes.  In addition, there are interest-free loans of up to $10,000 per household for the installation of solar and battery storage systems.

To be eligible for the program you must:

  • Install a battery system which has been assessed  for safety and technical requirements
  • Have your system installed by an eligible supplier

Redback Technologies is pleased the Smart Hybrid System is an approved system and is able to help our customers and installers to access the program.  To view the list of approved systems and suppliers click here.

Why choose Redback?

Redback Technologies Smart Hybrid System is an approved system in the Queensland government grant and loan scheme and our qualified partners can assist you to design the system to meet your needs.

Our all-in-one solar and battery storage system is purpose built to improve the customer experience.  The Redback Smart Hybrid System is easy to install and is notably cheaper than other home solar systems.  Key features of the system include an impressive 5kW hybrid inverter, up to 9.6kWh of battery storage, pre-wired modular system for faster install, IP65 outdoor rated and built in back-up power (set-up required at the time of install).

Redback welcomes approved installers to work with us

Only qualified system installers are allowed to sell and install approved solar and battery systems under the scheme.

Redback Technologies welcomes installers that are approved under the scheme that wish to also sell Redback products.  In order to be able to sell the Redback Smart Hybrid System you will need to complete training on our product.  Training courses can be booked here.  Once you have completed training our team will assist to provide all required documentation to qualify you as an approved Redback installation partner.

Redback Inverter

Enquire now about the Queensland home battery grant & loan scheme

Redback technologies can assist you to access the home battery scheme.  Simply fill in the form below and our team will be in contact.