PV Magazine covers Redback’s world-first achievement

Published On: December 7th, 2023|1 min read|

Modern town and communication network graphic
Redback Technologies has been featured in PV Magazine, who covered our exciting announcement that Redback is the world’s first inverter manufacturer to be certified as compliant with Dynamic Connections for energy exports in Queensland.

The informative article delves into how Queensland homeowners with a Dynamic Connection now have the opportunity to export more energy to the grid – up to 10kW per phase – to assist them in making the most of their solar.

Redback’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Adrian Knack was also quoted in the story, speaking to the value of Dynamic Connections: “This can further increase the return on investment on a solar and/or battery system by generating more electricity to export to the grid and storing more energy to use when the solar is not producing.”

Thank you to the PV Magazine team for their coverage of Redback’s exciting announcement, and for their informative coverage of how Dynamic Connections can benefit homeowners!