Redback Technologies smart hybrid solar inverterWe are introducing the new generation of Hybrid and Grid Tie Inverter Family.

Generation II Hybrid

  • Ouija Board
  • 600Voc PV Inputs
  • 5 kW
  • External isolators not required
  • Controllable relays
  • Built in DRED capabilities
  • Compatible with all popular battery chemistries
  • Smaller form factor


Battery Enclosure

  • Higher capacity – fits 4 x 2.4kWh lithium ion batteries (total capacity 9.6kWh)
  • Outdoor rated
  • Sleek new design
  • High grade aluminium with cast, powder coated front cover


Advance software – Ouija Board

  • Remotely control inverters from our app or web portal
  • Remote software and firmware updates
  • Relay support for pool pumps and water heaters
  • IoT – Internet of Things support
  • Audible ground fault alarm
  • DRED support
  • Smart load scheduling
  • Wi-Fi
  • Peak time tariff support