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The Redback Smart Inverter Series

Designed and tested in Australia, the Redback Smart Inverter is affordable yet robust and designed to survive in harsh Australian outdoor conditions. Plus, the MyRedback app and Redback Portal come standard so you can monitor your system’s activity anytime, anywhere.

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Available in 4 sizes:
5kW, 6kW, 8kW and 10kW

Redback Technologies Smart Battery SB7200 Front View

The Redback Smart Battery System

Redback’s Smart Battery System is the perfect upgrade to your existing solar system.

Adding a battery to compliment your rooftop solar enables you to maximise your home’s self-sufficiency by utilising more of your own, self-generated energy, and to keep the lights on if the grid goes down*. And with three system sizes to choose from, you can tailor your Smart Battery to your household energy usage.

*When backup circuit is connected, and battery energy is available. Find out more here.

Available in 3 sizes:

The Redback Smart Hybrid Series

Smart Hybrid SH5000 Front View

The Redback Hybrid System

All-in-one solution combining a 5kW solar inverter with expandable battery storage.

The Redback Smart Hybrid System is designed for those looking to get the maximum benefit from self-generated solar. As an all-in-one modular unit, the Smart Hybrid System eliminates the need for a separate inverter and battery compartment, reducing the number of external cables needed on the side of your home.

4.8kWh – 28.4kWh capacity

Smart 3-Phase Hybrid Image Front View ST10000

The Redback 3-Phase Hybrid System

All-in-one solution combining a 10kW solar inverter with battery storage.

Designed for large homes with three-phase power and high energy consumption, the Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System will allow you to use more of your self-generated power to reduce your power bills. Achieve even higher levels of self-sufficiency by relying less on your energy retailer with our all-in-one hybrid system. The Smart 3-Phase Hybrid combines an inverter and battery storage to offer modular storage to suit even the largest households.

Available in the following capacities:

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