Part 1 – Powerful storm is no match for Redback Customer

Published On: November 30th, 2020|2 min read|
Karen Jones-Carruthers Story – Part 1 of 2

Powerful storm is no match for Redback Customer

The damaging storms that blew through South East Queensland early November left nearly 10,000 Queenslanders without power to their homes. Among those who lost power to the utility grid was Redback customer and employee, Karen Jones-Carruthers. For Karen however, losing connection to the grid did not mean losing power thanks to her Redback Smart Hybrid System.

“We were at home when we lost power. Since my lights stayed on, the only reason I knew the utility grid had dropped out was because I heard a loud beep from my microwave”

Karen’s system lost power 2:45pm and did not regain grid connection again until 7:30 pm on that same day. During that time she was able to continue generating electricity thanks to her solar panels, but as the sun went down and grid connection still hadn’t returned, Karen was able to keep her lights, fans, 2 refrigerators, a toaster, a kettle, Wi-Fi, and her tv running from the stored energy in her batteries thanks to the backup power function on her Redback Smart Hybrid System.

Since Karen was unsure of how long the power outage would last, she wanted to confirm there was enough power in her batteries to get her and her husband through until the next day.

“We were so glad that we had connected our Wi-Fi modem to the backup circuit so we could see our system online and knew how much battery we had left. We switched off everything we weren’t using so we could save energy and saw in the Redback Portal that we had 13.5 hours of available energy to get us through the night!”

This was the first power outage Karen has experienced since installing her system back in March 2019 and she was extremely happy with how easily the system switched over to the backup circuit saying she was “so pleased with how the system pulled through”.

Karen has been working at Redback Technologies as the Warranty and Parts Manager for 5 years and was extremely excited to have her own Redback Smart Hybrid System installed last year.

“My Redback’s Smart Hybrid System has proven to be a valuable investment both for my home and my lifestyle. I am glad to recommend it to my friends and family not just as a Redback employee, but as a very happy Redback customer.”

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