Smart Load Control

Use more of your own solar, and purchase less electricity from the grid

The solar power you generate is precious – why let it go to waste?

That’s where Redback’s Smart Load Control feature comes in to help you utilise more of your solar and minimise the need to purchase electricity from the grid.

Solar, but smarter

Redback’s Smart Load Control feature gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your solar generation. It works by allowing a single large load (like a power-hungry appliance) to run when there is excess power being produced by your solar system. Smart Load Control is especially handy for running equipment that requires a minimum daily runtime – like a pool pump or an electric hot water system.

Smart Load Control will run large loads with excess solar power when it’s available, and intuitively switch them off when it’s not. It also goes one step further by allowing you to set a minimum daily run time for your appliance. For example, if you need to run your hot water system for a minimum number of hours per day, Smart Load Control can still switch it on at the end of the day if there has not been enough sunshine. After all, no one wants to come home to a cold shower!

Why Smart Load Control?

Many homes with solar are set up to run large loads on a timer designed to switch on during daylight hours and switch off when the sun sets. This can allow the selected appliance (like a hot water system) to run on the power produced by the solar system. But what happens on a cloudy or rainy, sunless day?

Without the sun, the solar system won’t be able to produce that necessary power needed, but the appliance will still run on its timer as scheduled. This will draw the required electricity from the grid, costing homeowners money.

Smart Load Control is the next evolution when it comes to intelligently managing your electricity usage. With Smart Load Control, you can run your appliance when the sun is shining and your solar is producing excess power.

A young family enjoying drinks as they sit at the edge of the swimming pool in summer. A Redback solar system can be seen in the background.

Be solar-smart with Redback

Redback’s Smart Load Control feature can increase your return on investment for your solar or battery system by allowing you to use more of your generated solar and minimising the need to purchase electricity from the grid.

The Smart Load Control feature is available across the full Redback product range. Along with Smart Load Control, Redback’s range of inverters and battery storage solutions come with 24/7 access to the MyRedback App, allowing you to monitor your system’s solar generation and usage.

Make the most of the free electricity your solar is producing and minimise the need to purchase electricity at ever-increasing rates. To get started with Redback’s Smart Load Control, get in touch with us here.