The Redback
Smart Inverter

The Redback
Smart Inverter

Smart Solar Inverter.
Smart Decision.

Smart Solar Inverter. Smart Decision.

Australian-engineered for Australian homes

If you’re looking to invest in solar for your home, you can’t go past the Redback Smart Inverter. As the name suggests, this smart solar inverter is the smart choice for your home. Reduce your power bills with clean, affordable, renewable energy and get complete insight and control into the performance of your solar system.

Convert sun energy into savings and self-sufficiency

The Redback Smart Inverter makes up an important part of your solar system, and converts energy from solar panels into usable electricity. This allows you to power your home when the sun is shining, or sell your excess electricity back to your energy retailer.

With a solar system installed, you can reduce your power bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and increase your own self-sufficiency, now and in years to come.

The Redback Smart Inverter is an affordable, yet high-quality, durable solar inverter designed to weather the Australian climate. It unlocks clean, affordable, and renewable electricity for your home and your future.

Convert sun energy into savings and self-sufficiency

The Redback Smart Inverter converts energy from the sun into usable electricity, allowing you to power your home when the sun is shining, or sell your energy back to your energy retailer.

A solar inverter is the device that your rooftop solar panels are fed into, that turns the energy captured from sun into usable electricity.

With a solar inverter installed, you can reduce your power bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and increase your own self-sufficiency, now and in years to come.

The Redback Smart Inverter is an affordable, yet high-quality, durable solar inverter designed to weather the Australian climate. It unlocks clean, affordable, and renewable electricity for your home and your future.

What makes our inverters stand out?

Redback Technologies solar inverters
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5kW, 6kW, 8kW or 10kW solar inverter size options

Looking for a 5kw solar inverter, a 6kw solar inverter? Or perhaps you’d like a slightly larger 8kw solar inverter or a 10kw solar inverter? We have the full range of options available to choose from, to find the best solar system to suit your home.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and actual electricity usage can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, the number of appliances in your home, and their efficiency ratings. It’s always best to consult with a solar expert to get a tailored solution for your specific needs.

5kW solar inverters

5kw solar inverters are ideal for small to medium-sized homes with average daily energy consumption.

This size of solar inverters are the best solar inverters for households with a daily electricity usage around 20 kWh (you can check this on your electricity bill).

It’s usually a great fit for a family of 3-4 people with moderate energy usage — like regular use of lighting, appliances, and possibly a small air conditioning unit.

6kW solar inverters

A 6k solar inverter is usually the best solar inverter for medium-sized homes with slightly above-average energy consumption.

If your daily electricity usage tends to be between 24 to 30 kWh — perhaps due to extra appliances, a larger air conditioning system, or more members in the family — then a 6kW inverter might be a better fit for your home.

8kW solar inverters

An 8kW solar inverter size is usually the best solar inverter choice for larger homes with high energy consumption, or small businesses.

This might include households or offices with daily electricity usage in the range of 32 to 40 kWh.

These homes/buildings often have multiple high-consumption appliances running simultaneously, like air conditioners, large refrigerators, or several computers.

10kW solar inverters

The largest size we offer, the 10kW size solar inverter is best suited for very large residential properties or businesses with very high energy consumption and needing maximum power. A 10kw solar inverter is capable of handling daily electricity usage that exceeds 40 kWh.

This could be necessary for homes with several family members and lots of high-energy appliances, or businesses with heavy energy needs like multiple workstations, servers, or industrial appliances.

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Australian designed for Aussie conditions

When we created Redback Technologies, we set out to design the best solar power inverters within the solar industry for the Australian market, designed for Australian conditions.

Designed and tested in Australia, the Redback Smart Inverter is affordable yet robust and designed to survive in harsh Australian outdoor conditions.

It’s not just made for Australia — it’s made to thrive in Australia.

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Smart Load Control

The Smart Load Control feature of our solar inverts allows homeowners to make the most of their self-generated energy and solar panel output, by operating a single large load (such as a pool pump or hot water system) when there is excess solar energy available.

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10 year Australian-backed warranty

When you choose a smart solar inverter from Redback Technologies, you’re not just buying an advanced energy solution, but you’re also investing in a decade-long assurance of quality and performance.

Our solar inverters and other solar products come with a hassle-free 10 year warranty.

Designed to last

The Redback Smart Inverter is a very high efficiency solar inverter that works with your home solar system to give you maximum power from the sun for years to come.

If you’re looking for a quality inverter that stands the test of time in the tough Australian conditions, The Redback Technologies smart inverter is for you.

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Smart Inverter Specifications

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Easy monitoring of your electricity in real-time

With our Smart Solar Inverters at Redback Technologies, you can unlock great insights into the performance of your home’s solar power systems.

You’ll be able to monitor how much electricity your solar panels are producing, see the amount of energy that your solar system is sending back to the grid, see your overall solar power system performance, see your solar power system battery storage (if you have a solar battery installed too) and anticipate your electricity bill costs.

Our Smart Inverter and smart solar power system app and portal unlocks powerful insights into your energy producing power, output and usage.

  • Real-time monitoring of your solar energy production and energy storage
  • Instant updates on how much electricity you’re using at home
  • Insights into how much extra power you’re feeding back into the grid
  • Access to historical data to understand your energy usage patterns
  • Track your home’s level of energy self-sufficiency
  • Compare your energy use to previous weeks, months, or quarters
  • Potential to reduce your energy bill further with a better understanding of your energy habits
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or computer*
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand interfaces.

*Internet connection required

Want a quote for your inverter and solar power system?

Whether it’s for a smart solar system, or a solar system plus a solar powered home battery, our certified installation partners will work to determine the best solar power system for your home’s need.

Who are we at Redback Technologies?

We’re a proud Australian company that provides solar energy and battery solutions for homes.

Our technical team, based in Brisbane, designs and tests our products right here in Australia. They’re made to give every home the chance to use renewable energy.

We have a strong network of 3rd party professional installers across the country, ready to get you started with solar.

Redback Technologies are proudly among Australia’s most trusted inverter brands.

To show our commitment to quality and sustainability, we back each Smart Solar Device with a 10-year warranty, standing strong in the Aussie climate with you.

Want to know more?

The MyRedback app and Redback Portal come standard with your Redback Smart Inverter, so you can monitor your system’s activity anytime, anywhere.

Imagine having a little helper in your pocket that lets you know how your solar system is doing — that’s what our MyRedback App does for you!

This user-friendly phone or smart device application, available on most recent smartphones (Android 8 and above, iOS 12.1 and above), allows you to keep tabs on how much power your solar panels and solar inverter is making, how much energy you’re using at home, and even how much extra power you’re sending back into the grid.

It’s like having a mini solar expert with you all the time, reporting on your solar panel, solar inverter and solar battery performance.

If you don’t like phone applications, or if you want to see more detailed information on your power, you’ll love the Redback Portal.

The Redback Portal is an internet-based tool (a website page) that acts like a more detailed control panel for your solar system.

It shows you all kinds of interesting data about your solar energy production and storage, and it can even go back as far as two years to help you see trends and patterns.

This 10-year warranty offers not only the promise of product longevity but also a hassle-free experience. It’s our commitment to you, offering you support and assurance for a full decade as you embark on your solar journey. You can rest easy knowing you’re covered with us.

Our warranty covers any product bought from us that’s installed in Australia by an accredited CEC installer, or in New Zealand by a licensed electrician.

From minor issues to major repairs, we’ve got you covered, promising fast and high-quality service by a qualified technician at your home or at our facility, with any replaced parts covered for the remaining warranty period.

The Redback Smart Inverter isn’t just any solar power inverter; it’s specifically designed with the Australian environment, harsh Aussie sun, and Australian conditions in mind.

We understand the challenges posed by the extreme weather conditions in Australia—from scorching heat waves to sudden storms, and everything in between.

That’s why our system is built to be robust and resilient, capable of performing reliably and efficiently when you need it most.

So, whether you’re in the humid tropics of Queensland, the hot and dry outback, or the cooler southern states, our smart solar inverter is up to the task.