Smart Hybrid System

The Smart Hybrid System

Your all-in-one solar inverter and battery storage solution

Your all-in-one solar inverter and battery storage solution.

Redback’s Smart Hybrid System is designed for those looking to get the maximum benefit from self-generated solar.

As an all-in-one modular unit, the Smart Hybrid System eliminates the need for a separate inverter and battery cabinet. This reduces the number of external cables needed on the side of your home or in your garage, leading to a cleaner, safer installation. A hybrid system can also be the most cost-effective solution for installing rooftop solar power and battery storage at the same time.

If you have a three-phase house, you may want to check out our Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System.

Power through blackouts

A great benefit in having a Smart Hybrid battery storage system installed at your home or business is the security of knowing that your battery can help you power through a grid outage.

In the event of a utility grid outage (i.e. a ‘blackout’), you can use the energy stored in your home battery system to power essential appliances in your home. When the grid goes down, the backup circuit will kick in automatically as long as you have battery power available.

Black start capability

Unlike AC-coupled units, the Smart Hybrid System allows to you continue charging your solar storage using the sun even during a grid interruption. This is a game changer if you live in an area susceptible to extended blackouts lasting several days, allowing you to continue to power your essential appliances until the grid connection is restored.

Why choose a Redback Smart Hybrid System?

Smart Hybrid SH5000 Front View

4.8Wh – 28.4kWh expandable capacity

No matter your size of existing rooftop solar or your family’s usage needs, Redback’s Smart Hybrid has expandable battery storage capacity to ensure that you can make the most of your solar. This means that you could potentially install more battery modules at a later date if you find your home has the need.

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Australian engineered for Australian homes

When we created Redback Technologies, we set out to design solar batteries specifically engineered for the Australian market, designed for Australian conditions.

Our Smart Hybrid System can be installed either indoors or outdoors, meaning that you can free up space for more surfboards in your garage.

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Smart Load Control

The Smart Load Control feature of our solar inverters allows homeowners to make the most of their self-generated energy and solar panel output, by operating a single large load (such as a pool pump or hot water system) when there is excess solar energy available.

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10 year Australian-backed warranty

When you choose a smart solar inverter from Redback Technologies, you’re not just buying an advanced energy solution, but you’re also investing in a decade-long assurance of quality and performance.

Our solar inverters and other solar products come with a hassle-free 10 year warranty.

Steamlined all-in-one design for safety

The Smart Hybrid System seamlessly integrates your solar inverter and battery storage into a single, elegant unit. Unlike the conventional approach of installing these components separately, our Smart Hybrid System eliminates the need for unsightly excess cables connecting them. This not only enhances safety but also improves the overall aesthetics of your solar storage.

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Site manager allows multiple systems to work in tandem

Site Manager allows you to install multiple systems on one property (behind the same meter) and have them operate as a single system, to get the most out of your batteries. When configured, the charging and discharging of the batteries is balanced across all systems on the site to ensure the equal utilisation of every system.

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Smart Hybrid System Specifications

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Easy monitoring of your electricity in real-time

With a Redback Technologies Smart Hybrid System, you can unlock great insights into the performance of your home’s solar power systems.

You’ll be able to monitor how much electricity your solar panels are producing, see the amount of energy that your solar system is sending back to the grid, see your overall solar power system performance, see your solar power system battery storage and anticipate your electricity bill costs.

Our MyRedback app and portal unlocks powerful insights into your energy producing power, output and usage.

  • Real-time monitoring of your solar energy production and energy storage
  • Instant updates on how much electricity you’re using at home
  • Insights into how much extra power you’re feeding back into the grid
  • Access to historical data to understand your energy usage patterns
  • Track your home’s level of energy self-sufficiency
  • Compare your energy use to previous weeks, months, or quarters
  • Potential to reduce your energy bill further with a better understanding of your energy habits
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or computer*
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand interfaces

*Internet connection required

How the Redback Smart Hybrid System works

Our Smart Hybrid System combines an inverter and battery to power Australian homes. Here’s how it works.

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Whether it’s for a new solar and battery system, or to upgrade your existing solar, our certified installation partners will work to determine the best solar power system for your home’s need.

Why choose us?


At Redback Technologies, we’ve been around since 2015. Our years of experience in the renewable energy sector have equipped us with unparalleled knowledge, ensuring that every product we deliver is top-tier.

Quality Assurance

Our solar battery systems are meticulously crafted to endure even the harshest Australian weather conditions, promising longevity and reliable performance.

Solutions for every home

As our Smart Hybrid System offers expandable storage options from 4.8kWh to 28.4kWh, we offer solutions to match individual energy consumption needs. This guarantees optimal efficiency for every home.

Versatile Installation

Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setup, our systems offer flexibility in installation, ensuring seamless integration with your home’s aesthetics.

Some of the most common questions we hear

Installing a hybrid solution allows you to get all of the benefits of a separate solar inverter and battery storage but in one aesthetically appealing unit.

This means that you can avoid unsightly excess cabling as the wiring is hidden in our IP55-protected cabinetry.

This lack of exposed cabling also allows for a safer, cleaner install which makes it well-suited for both garage or outdoor applications.

A solar hybrid system’s lifespan is a testament to its quality. The batteries used in Redback systems are designed to endure, even in the harshest Australian weather conditions. Typically, these solar batteries have a life expectancy of 8,000 cycles, a lifespan that could potentially last 20 years or more when cycled once per day. With our advanced battery enclosure and unique design, you can be confident that your investment in our solar and battery solutions will stand the test of time.

Our Smart Hybrid System contains batteries which capture and store excess solar power generated by your solar panels during the day. When the sun isn’t shining, instead of drawing power from the grid, your home uses this stored energy. Essentially, our Redback Smart Hybrid System acts as an uninterruptible power supply, ensuring you have access to your own renewable energy today and every day. This not only reduces your dependency on the grid but can also ensure power during a prolonged grid outage.

The duration your Smart Hybrid System battery will provide power during night time depends on its capacity and your household’s energy consumption. With our Redback solar battery storage, many homeowners find they can easily navigate through the night, especially if they’ve had a sunny day to charge the battery fully. In the event of more extended periods without sunlight, our system seamlessly integrates with the grid to ensure uninterrupted power.

With our Redback smart hybrid system, monitoring your solar system’s usage is straightforward. Our user-friendly interface allows homeowners to track their energy consumption in real-time. This not only keeps you informed, but empowers you to make decisions that can lead to even greater energy savings.

Absolutely. If your solar panels generate more energy than your home uses and your solar battery storage is full, the excess solar power can be fed back into the grid. Many energy providers offer buy-back schemes, known as Feed-In-Tariffs, allowing homeowners to receive credits or even cash for their contribution. Embracing renewable energy today with our Redback Smart Hybrid System not only secures your energy future, but can also offer financial incentives.