NT’s Home and Business Battery Scheme

Redback Technologies is an approved provider for NT’s solar Home and Business Battery Scheme. The scheme provides a rebate worth $450 per kWh of battery capacity installed up to a maximum grant of $6,000 to homeowners, businesses, not-for-profit and community organisations for the:

  • purchase and installation of solar PV systems with an eligible battery and inverter;
  • for those who already have solar, for the purchase and installation of an eligible battery and inverter.
  • minimum battery capacity allowed:  7kWh.

To maximise the rebate and take advantage of all the benefits of a Redback Smart Home Battery System, customers can get access to the full rebate with two of Redback’s home battery solutions. The 5kW single phase SH5000 can be equipped with 14kWh of battery modules to allow homeowners to receive the full $6,000 benefit. For larger homes and small businesses on a three phase connection, Redback’s ST10000 comes with a 10kW three phase hybrid inverter and can also be equipped with 14kWh of battery modules to make sure you are not missing out on the entirety of the new rebate.


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To receive the rebate, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • be a registered owner of a residential property in the NT
  • be a registered NT business
  • be a not-for-profit or community organisation operating in the NT in either owned or leased premises.

Homeowners that own a business can apply for both their home and business. However, you can only submit one application per property and per homeowner.

How to apply


Why choose Redback?

Redback Technologies Smart Hybrid System is an all-in-one solar and battery system is designed with the user in mind. It is purpose built to improve the customer experience.  The Redback Smart Hybrid System is easy to install and is notably cheaper than other home solar systems. Key features of the system include an impressive 5kW hybrid inverter, up to 9.6kWh of battery storage, pre-wired modular system for faster install, IP65 outdoor rated and built in back-up power (set-up required at the time of install).

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How to register to become an approved system installer?

Only qualified system providers are allowed to sell and install approved solar and battery systems under the scheme.

Redback Technologies is able to assist our installer partners to apply and become registered for the program.  Simply complete the form below and our sales team will be in contact to assist with training and application processes required to access the scheme.

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Redback technologies can assist you to access the home battery scheme.  Simply fill in the form below and our team will be in contact.