Loretta’s inspiring home is a beacon of sustainability

Published On: October 31st, 2022|2 min read|

Some years ago, 63-year-old Loretta Murray was heading into retirement, and this brought up questions about her and the planet’s future. Wanting to be as healthy as possible with an abode that doesn’t contribute to climate change -coupled with the rising cost of living- meant that Loretta started making bold and sensible plans.

In 2020, Loretta embarked upon building a sustainable house and garden in suburban Nudgee, Brisbane. Not only would the design of the house itself be environmentally friendly, but the garden would also enable her to live as self-sufficiently as possible.

A woman standing in front of her sustainable home

“Since installing my battery system, my power bill is now $200 in credit.” – Loretta, Redback Customer

In August 2022, Loretta installed a Redback Technologies 3-phase hybrid battery and inverter system and has never looked back. Loretta is now 98% self-sufficient and has incredibly low power bills, future proofing the rest of her life. Energy efficiency has always been a focus for Loretta.

A team from Redback Technologies and Channel 9 paid a visit to Loretta’s home to see for ourselves the battery in situ and the self-sustainable life she has created. On the day we visited Loretta, she made a beautiful cake to share with us using food and berries from her garden, which includes vegetables, chickens and beehives for native bees.

As well as cultivating her own food supply, the self-funded retiree’s power bills are in the black by generating and storing her own power for the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. Loretta still has mod-cons like air-conditioning, a fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, TV and computer but doesn’t have to pay for power from the grid.

“Sustainability is not just about having an energy efficient house, it’s also about being financially sustainable and in just a month since installing my battery system, my power bill is now $200 in credit. What’s also important is that it’s benefitting the planet – and the next generation”, says Loretta

Loretta discovered Redback Technologies battery systems when she entered her home into a sustainable house competition. A judge came out to view the house and they chatted about the possibilities and added sustainability that battery storage would give her.

“I was also very keen to support a local Queensland business and the fact that it is designed in Australia for our climate was an added bonus,” says Loretta.

Redback's CEO Patrick Matweew discusses how Loretta's home is running at 99% sustainability.