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The Hybrid Battery System

Meet Redback’s new generation of hybrid battery storage. The easiest way to install an all-in-one solution for single phase homes.

It combines a 5kVA or 6kVA hybrid inverter with expandable battery storage from 4.8kWh to 19.2kWh without the need for an expansion cabinet.


3D render of solar battery attached to outside of house

Larger capacity in a single cabinet

9.6kWh, 14.4kWh and 19.2kWh
battery storage with

95% depth-of-discharge (DoD)

Increased backup capability

6kW on-grid, 5kW / 6kW off-grid, uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Icon of shield with lighting inside

All-in-one design

Prioritised safety with minimal exposed cabling, ‘stealth’ install option

Smart Load Control icon White

Smart Load Control

Intelligently run large loads using excess PV

Site manager icon

Site Manager

Multiple systems at a single site work in tandem for extended capacity, resilience and redundancy

Connectivity icon

Improved connectivity

Robust Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, redback patented telemetry profiles, 4G (late 2024 release)

Icon of cloud and power button

Market-leading VPP functionality

Very fast FCAS and load control

inverter icon

Multiple inverter sizes

5VA or 6kVA hybrid inverters

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Australian engineered for Australian homes

Indoor or outdoor installation, passively cooled, designed for Australian conditions with 10-year Australian warranty

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Easier installation experience

Pre-wired switchgear, optimised AC and DC connections, remote meter check and CT flip, streamlined app experience, over-the-air updates with fewer site visits