System Monitoring Platforms

Empowering you through data-driven technology

Redback Install

No matter what product in the Redback range you are installing, the Redback Install app’s simple step-by-step guide will walk you through the commissioning process and give you the ability to track your progress. With live data updated every 5 seconds, you will be able to test configurations and complete your installation quickly and efficiently.

Requires a Redback Portal Installer Login

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Redback Partner Fleet Manager

You can actively monitor and manage your fleet of Redback Smart Storage Systems from one convenient location with the Redback Partner Fleet Manager. Here you can view your installations in a map or list format and apply filters to easily find customers.

Available for large fleets. Contact us for more information.

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Redback Portal

The Redback portal provides you and your customers with an intuitive dashboard that incorporates real time and analytical data that can be stored for up to two years.

Data will only be recorded and displayed if system is continuously connected to the Redback cloud via internet. Data is not stored on the device itself.

Meet the MyRedback App

The MyRedback app allows your customers to monitor their systems both at home and on the go. Incorporating real time and historical data, they can have peace of mind knowing they have full visibility of their solar, battery and home. Customers can view their solar and battery at any time with the app’s intuitive and easy to use design.

Data will be displayed if system is continuously connected to the Redback cloud via internet.

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