Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System

3-phase 10kVa inverter with battery storage

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Got 3-Phase? Redback does too!

Redback’s Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System is a robust all-in-one hybrid solution designed for three-phase homes or commercial installations.

The system combines a 10kVA solar inverter with two standard battery storage capacity options of either 9.6 or 14.2kWh and an option for an extended capacity of 19.2 or 28.4kWh. Site Manager allows installation of multiple systems at a single site to operate as a single system. The Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System also includes a pre-wired BoS and integrated isolators to ensure a fast and easy installation.


Redback Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System ST10000 on Grey Concrete Background
Redback Smart 3-Phase Hybrid ST10000 Dimensions

9.6kWh, 14.2kWh, 19.2kWh or 28.4kWh Battery Storage

Battery supply in a power outage*

*When backup circuit is connected, and battery energy is available. Appliances selected at the time of install.

Streamlined all-in-one design

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Smart Load Control

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Site Manager

Easy commissioning with the RedbackInstall app

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10-year Australian-backed warranty

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

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Australian engineered for Australian conditions

Meet Smart Load Control

Smart Load Control feature allows homeowners to make the most of their self-generated energy by operating a single large load (such as a pool pump or hot water system) when there is excess solar energy available.

Smart Load Control is a sophisticated system that aims to:

  • Run the load using only excess PV energy.
  • Avoid switching the load excessively (e.g., when a small cloud passes in front of the sun).
  • Optionally, the system will ensure that the load runs for a nominated number of hours each day. This is useful for equipment like pool pumps or hot water systems which require a minimum daily runtime.

The Smart Load Control feature is across the entire Redback range. For more information, please refer to the Installation Guide found in the Redback Portal.

Introducing Site Manager for the Smart 3-Phase Hybrid Series

Site Manager allows you to install multiple Redback battery storage systems at a single site (behind the same meter) and have them operate in tandem, in order to get the best results from your batteries. When configured correctly, the charging and discharging of the batteries is balanced across all systems on the site to ensure the equal utilisation of every system. Site Manager requires that one of the systems is nominated as the “Master”. The Master controls the other systems on the site, referred to as “Workers”.

Site Manager makes use of the site’s local area network (LAN) for communications between systems. This means that it is often possible to enable Site Manager on sites that already have systems installed. The settings can be applied remotely via Redback’s portal: in most cases, a site visit will not be required. For more information, please refer to the Installation Guide found in the Redback Portal.


Redback Smart 3-Phase Hybrid ST10000 Dimensions

ST10000 shown with optional extended battery cabinet BE14000-HV