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Installer FAQs2023-11-22T15:36:17+10:00


Can my customers set their batteries to charge or discharge at certain times of the day?2021-10-19T10:15:01+10:00

Yes, every Redback home battery solution comes with the ability to set schedules to charge or discharge their batteries at designated times. These can be adjusted by your customer at anytime in the Redback Portal provided their system’s monitoring is connected.

Can the system be installed off-grid?2021-10-19T10:05:44+10:00

Redback Technologies does not support the offgrid configuration of our systems. Our systems are designed and tested to be connected to the grid and any off-grid installation of our products will result in the warranty being void.

Do you offer training and what types?2021-10-19T10:09:40+10:00

We offer both online and in person training for each of our products. To find out more and to sign up for an upcoming training session, click here.

Does the product come with export control?2021-10-19T10:06:14+10:00

Yes, every Redback system includes the ability for you to set a site export limit.

Does the system come with consumption monitoring or is this an add on?2021-10-19T10:07:14+10:00

Redback’s range of solar and battery storage systems comes standard with an App and a web based portal for consumption monitoring. To find out more about our Monitoring Platforms click here.

How do I access your support documents?2023-11-23T10:53:44+10:00

Every installer who is registered with the Redback Portal can access our support documents from the support tab in on the left sidebar of their portal dashboard. Not a registered installer? You can register your interest at

How do I start selling Redback Products2023-11-23T11:03:21+10:00

In order to sell and install Redback products, you must be a licenced electrician and accredited by the CEC. Before you start installing, you will need to register your company in our Redback Portal. To submit your interest please contact Redback here.

How long is your warranty?2021-10-19T10:07:45+10:00

Every Redback system comes with a 10 year warranty as standard.

Is everything included with the product or is there more I need to buy separately?2021-10-19T10:09:06+10:00

When you choose to install a Redback Product, everything you need comes standard with the purchase of the system including the smart meter and Wi-Fi dongle.

Is the battery capacity on the AC-coupled SB series expandable?2021-10-22T16:17:34+10:00

No, the battery capacity for our AC-coupled SB series (SB7200, SB9600 & SB14200) range can not be expanded. This is why we offer our Smart Battery Systems in three convenient sizes so you can find the best fit for your customers. You can find out more about our Smart Battery Range here. 

What is the limit on the backup circuit?2023-04-29T11:37:50+10:00

The backup circuit maximum output is based on the type of system and the number of batteries installed. For a breakdown of the maximum output for each system, please visit our Backup Power page here.

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