Solar Inverter on luxury house

Installation Is a Breeze

Solar Inverter on luxury house

A product for every customer with our range of Smart Battery and Smart Hybrid Systems!

  • Battery systems for new installs
  • Battery systems existing solar systems
  • Easy install
  • Quality solutions
  • Built-in UPS
  •  Blackstart capability on Redback Hyrbid Systems

“I would recommend to other people to first look at Redback. Working with the company is brilliant and from what I’ve seen it’s extremely efficient.”

Wendy L, Redback Customer, Your Content Goes Here

Redback Partner Connect Program

The Redback Partner Connect program provides all of the tools that will allow you to grow loyal customers. The program offers you and your team with structured training and a suite of benefits designed to increase your leads* and referrals. Other benefits include; access to a 5-year extended warranty, marketing development funds, nationally recognised installation and sales training, plus more!

At Redback, we provide a comprehensive training program for CEC accredited installers.  This detailed training program covers:

  • product knowledge
  • system design considerations
  • how to install the Smart Hybrid System
  • electrical connections and configurations
  • battery installation
  • onboarding and commissioning the system

The professionally delivered training program is eligible for CPD points.

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All-In-One Streamlined Solution

Streamlined vs. Fragmented 

Our streamlined solutions will fit seamlessly into your customers home and will both look and function more efficiently compared to a fragmented setup. There is no need for additional cables or cabinets, no part weighs more than 32kg and we’ve integrated the switches, cabling, and control gear.

This results in a simple and fast installation with reduced install costs. Additionally, by having an all-in-one solution design we have minimised the number of failure points you could encounter, there are fewer components to install and as a result, Redback handles all warranty claims.


Data at Your Fingertips


Introducing RedbackINSTALL. An app dedicated to onboard the Redback Smart Hybrid System. With significant advances, RedbackINSTALL operates through Bluetooth connection. Designed to get you on board as fast as possible, with a seamless step-by-step process that is easy to follow.

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Redback Partner Fleet Manager

Actively monitor and manage your fleet of Redback Smart Hybrid Systems from one location. View your installations in a map or list format and apply filters to find customers quickly.

Redback Portal

The Redback Portal provides an intuitive dashboard for you and your customers that incorporates analytical solar and storage data dating back two years.*

*Data will only be collected if your customers Redback Smart Hybrid System is online.

MYRedback App

The MYRedback app puts the control in your hands. You can monitor the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid, and your household energy consumption. Monitor your energy use with ease. (MYRedback applies to Android 7 and above and iOS 12.1 and above.)

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Recommended by Installers

“Redback’s offering is quite unique in the sense that they are an Australian technology.  Located in Brisbane means that we have been able to work really closely with them.  Redback has invested a lot of time on training our CEC installers at the Brisbane training centre.  I would definitely recommend Redback for anyone who’s looking for a smart, quality all-in-one hybrid package.” – Melissa from SAE Group.

“Well, there’s a few reasons why we’ve chosen Redback Technologies. The first thing is that they’re an Australian company, which is really important for our customers. With the local tech support, that makes a big difference for us, as well.  They’re an all-in-one modular unit that can be installed indoors or outdoors, and on that note, the fact that they’re designed and tested for Australian conditions means a lot for our customers.” – Co-founder of NRG, Eddy May.