Why choose Redback?

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. The Redback Smart Hybrid System integrates a 5kW PV inverter, 4.6kW battery charger, UPS and battery enclosure into an easy to install design.

With new technology available, the relationship between installers and consumers is changing. Installers should look to products that help them maintain a relationship with customers after installation. Redback is an all-in-one solar and storage solution designed with the user in mind. It is purpose built to improve the customer experience and provide an ongoing revenue stream well into the future.

Redback Inverter

The Redback second generation Smart Hybrid System has been designed to make installation easier.  The modular system is expandable with battery storage to suit your customers needs.  The light weight, easy to lift system makes installation a breeze.

Why our partners recommend us

“Redback’s offering is quite unique in the sense that they are an Australian technology.  Located in Brisbane means that we have been able to work really closely with them.  Redback has invested a lot of time on training our CEC installers at the Brisbane training centre.  I would definitely recommend Redback for anyone who’s looking for a smart, quality all-in-one hybrid package.”


At Redback we provide a comprehensive training program for CEC accredited installers.  This detailed training program covers:

  • product knowledge
  • system design considerations
  • how to install the Smart Hybrid System
  • electrical connections and configurations
  • battery installation
  • onboarding and commissioning the system

The professionally delivered training program is eligible for CPD points.

Redback Installer Partner Program

Redback works closely with partners to deliver robust and affordable energy solutions, that are easy to install and maintain. The Redback Installer Partner Program is a national network that aims to create closer, long-term collaboration with your companies.

Program overview:

  • Open to Australian & NZ installers

  • Approved installer partner logo

  • Brochures

  • Nationally recognised installer & sales training

  • Sales incentive program

  • Co-marketing funds

  • Priority support