Backup power

Blackout support

Power your home while everyone else is in the dark.

No one wants the stress of wondering how long a blackout will last – will the food in the fridge go warm? Will the fans turn off and leave you to sit in the heat? We don’t want you to worry about that either.

A great benefit of having home battery storage installed at your home or business is the security of knowing that your battery can help you power through a grid outage. In the event of a utility grid outage (i.e. a ‘power blackout’), you can use the power stored in your home batteries to power key appliances in your home. When the grid goes down, the solar battery backup circuit will kick in automatically as long as you have battery power available.

All Redback batteries are fitted with an inbuilt Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) free of charge*. This feature will kick in within 10 milliseconds** of a grid outage, automatically switching your home’s main circuit to the backup circuit, so you can keep your essentials running. It’s so quick you may not even notice there was even a blackout in the first place!

Redback System The Smart Hybrid System (SH5000) The Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System (ST10000) The Smart Battery System (SB7200) The Smart Battery System (SB9600 & SB14200)
Max Output for Backup Circuit 4.6kVa continuous*** 9.6kWh & 14.2kWh:
5kVA continuous total power²
(up to 3.3kVA per phase)

19.2kWh & 28.4kWh:
10kVA continuous total power²
(up to 3.3kVA per phase)
3.3kVa continuous*** 4.5kVa continuous***

*Additional wiring required for UPS – speak to a Redback installer for more information

**in regions where standards allow

***max output power is dependent on the number of batteries, state of charge, and the available solar

Never be in the dark again!

Blackouts often happen at inconvenient times, and they can completely ruin your day. However, there is a way to power through with battery storage. In the event of a blackout, you can use the power stored in your solar batteries to power your home.*

While battery storage cannot power all the electrical appliances in your home at once, it can keep your essentials running in the event of a power outage – these include your lights, fridge, television, and Wi-Fi. The best part is that you can work together with your installer to choose what appliances are best for your needs and connect those to the backup circuit.

*Dependant on battery capacity, the amount of energy stored, and the appliances selected at time of install to be connected to backup circuit.

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Can I power my whole home?

Your battery storage system comes with a maximum amount of energy available to power your appliances. While it’s possible to run multiple essentials using your battery storage during a blackout (like keeping your lights on while maintaining your home security system, for example) it’s important to keep in mind that each appliance in use depletes the available energy, leaving less for future use.


Not Suitable

Powering through the floods

When configured correctly, your backup circuit is a huge asset to your home or small business, protecting you even when the unexpected occurs.  

See how the Fingal Heads Surf Life Saving Club helped support their local community during the 2022 floods with their newly installed Redback battery.