How does the Redback Smart Hybrid System work?2020-02-20T10:34:26+10:00

What is a hybrid inverter?2020-02-20T10:01:02+10:00

A hybrid inverter’s standard function is to convert solar and battery energy generated by your solar panels into useable electricity for your household appliances. A hybrid inverter can manage inputs simultaneously from the solar panels and battery storage. Whereas, a grid-tied solar inverter is limited to only managing one input, generally solar.  

On top of this, a hybrid inverter is ‘battery-ready’ so, you can easily add batteries in the future. Whereas when you add batteries to a grid-tied solar inverter you also need to add a battery inverter to the system. This fragmented set up can increase the cost of your battery storage system and can limit the efficiency levels.  In addition, the set-up can look messy due to the extra cables and cabinets that need to be installed.  

What is battery storage?2020-02-20T10:02:32+10:00

Battery storage refers to the batteries that are added to a solar system to store excess solar energy for future use. We use Pylontech lithium-ion batteries that come in two sizes – 2.4kWh and 3.5kWh. 

What are the benefits of battery storage?2020-02-20T10:05:02+10:00

You can:  

  • save your excess solar energy for when you need it 
  • save on your electricity costs by drawing electricity from your batteries at night 
  • have peace of mind in a power outage with our uninterrupted power supply (UPS) feature  
  • enhance your level of self-sufficiency 
  • reduce your carbon footprint  

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How many batteries can I add into a Redback Smart Hybrid System?2020-06-02T10:02:02+10:00
Rated #1 in the world for residential applications, the Pylontech lithium-ion solar batteries are neatly housed inside the Redback Technologies cabinet. Universally considered to be the safest battery chemistry, these innovative solutions are available in a 2.4kWh or 3.5kWh module and come with a 10-year warranty.  Your current household energy consumption will determine the size of your battery storage, and your Redback approved installer will help you determine this.

Accepted Battery Modules:

  • Pylontech US2000B (2.4kWh)
  • Pylontech 3000A (3.5kWh) 

Smart Hybrid System:

The battery enclosure allows you to add between two and four individual battery modules giving you between 4.8kWh to 11.8kWh of battery storage. 

Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System:

This system is sold with four battery modules, and as a minimum, this would equal 4 x 2.4kWh (9.6kWh). From there, you have the option to expand your battery storage up to 28.4kWh.

Do I have to add batteries to my system straight away?2020-02-20T10:06:33+10:00

The Redback battery enclosure is optional. If it’s simply not viable at this time but you still want to invest in solar, you can invest in the system without batteries and add them in the future when appropriate.  

Can I purchase a Redback Smart Hybrid System under a government rebate/scheme?2020-02-20T10:28:42+10:00

Each Government solar and battery rebate can vary from state to state. Please check out the Battery Schemes webpage for more info.

Is the Redback Smart Hybrid System safe?2020-02-20T10:07:17+10:00

Yes. The Redback Smart Hybrid System, battery cabinets and batteries included, comply with Australian & New Zealand standards for electrical safety, installation and grid regulation.  In addition, the batteries don’t represent a self-sustaining fire hazard. We always recommend that installations are completed in accordance with the Redback installation manual and to Australian standards. 

How much does the Redback Smart Hybrid System cost?2020-02-20T10:27:47+10:00

Cost is dependent on many factors including the number of panels, panel type, number of batteries (in kWh), household type (one-story, two-story), type of roof, your electricity usage and if you are investing under a Government solar or battery scheme. Therefore, the cost is different for each household. We have many trusted install partners, who are CEC accredited and go through compulsory Redback training before installing any of our systems. If you would like to be put in contact with an approved installer in your area, please submit a form via the Contact Page and we will put you in contact with one of our qualified installers.  

Is there any maintenance involved after the Redback Smart Hybrid System is installed in my home?2020-02-20T10:09:05+10:00

There is very little maintenance associated with the Redback Smart Hybrid System. However, this does not account for other elements within the solar power system, like solar panels. Please talk with your installer to establish the maintenance required for the other items. 

How do I monitor my Redback Smart Hybrid System?2020-02-20T10:29:20+10:00

You can monitor your system through the Redback Portal or the MYRedback app.  

You can download the MYRedback app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Ensure you have the latest software on your iPhone/iPad or Android. The MYRedback app is only applicable to Andriod 7 and above and iOS 12.1 and above.   

Where can I find my login details for the MYRedback?2020-02-20T10:29:53+10:00

Your log in details for the MYRedback app is the same as the Redback portal details. You should have received an email with these details when you initially purchased your Redback Smart Hybrid System. Check your email and don’t forget to check your spam/junk folders. If you never received an invitation to the Redback Portal.  Please contact Redback Technologies Customer Support. 

How do I use the MYRedback app?2020-02-20T10:30:33+10:00

Please view the ‘How-to guide of the MYRedback app on our YouTube channel here.

How do I get support for my Redback Smart Hybrid System?2020-02-20T10:30:57+10:00

We have a range of support documents under the ‘support tab’ in the Redback Portal. If you still need assistance, please contact your solar installer. Our customer service team work directly with install companies to solve issues with the Redback Smart Hybrid System 

I would like to sell and install Redback systems, how do I get started?2020-02-20T10:31:56+10:00

You must a licenced electrician and accredited by the CEC. Before you start installing, you’ll also need to attend a free Redback training session. To submit your interest please contact Redback here.  

Do you have more questions?

Please email info@redbacktech.com