Exclusive distribution agreement of new smart hybrid inverter signed between Sonepar and Redback Technologies

SPS and Redback

Redback Technologies has signed an exclusive three year master distribution contract with Sonepar (L&H Group) to distribute the Redback’s SH4600 Smart Hybrid inverter in Australia and New Zealand.

The smart hybrid solar inverter is set to revolutionise the way households consume energy through optimising self-utilisation of solar generated electricity by way of energy storage and Internet of Things (IoT) control in the home.

Redback Technologies Managing Director Philip Livingston said that the exclusive distribution contract with Sonepar will see 28,000 units sold over the three year agreement.

“We are excited to partner with Sonepar, the leading global distributor of b2b electrical goods, to bring our product to the Australian and New Zealand markets,” Mr Livingston said.

“Our innovative product is designed to help homes save on their power bills by self-consuming more of the solar power they generate. The Redback system provides freedom from soaring electricity prices, and greater transparency and control over the household energy budget,” he said.

Sonepar’s Renewable Energy Division General Manager, Claud Picinali believes the contract and relationship between Redback and Sonepar is mutually beneficial, as it allows Sonepar’s 180 Australian sales locations exclusive access to the new smart hybrid system.

“We are happy to have this technology exclusively available to our customers from January 2016. Our electrical wholesale database includes over 33,000 electricians, and they will be the first to offer the Redback system to market,” Mr Picinali said.