Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle Hub celebration in Bundaberg

Published On: December 1st, 2022|3 min read|

A few weeks ago, Ben and Mel from Redback were privileged to attend a special celebration at the Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle Hub in Bundaberg as well as to see the solar battery system donated by Redback and how it helps this tight-knit community.

Representatives from donors pose with a plaque

The Learning and Lifestyle Hub is an exceptional place, apparent from the moment you enter the front door. Endeavour Foundation has a dozen such hubs in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, providing day programs for people with disability who want to learn more, do more, and know more. Making friends, having fun, and learning and practising new skills are the order of the day.

The celebration on the 16th of November brought together families, supporters, and sponsors to officially open the extensive renovations recently undertaken at the hub, due to the generosity of the Richards family.

Representatives of Redback Technologies visit Endeavour Foundation in Bundaberg

The Richards have been involved with the Learning and Lifestyle hub in Bundaberg for two decades. The beloved matriarch of the family, June, recently passed and bequeathed money to the Learning and Lifestyle hub as her daughter has been a happy participant in the hub’s programs for over 20 years.

The vast array of activities on offer at the Learning and Lifestyle hub is eye-opening. People with disability can learn to cook, run a café and be a barista, make their figures for board games in a 3D printer, learn through virtual reality, play musical instruments, and much more.

The donation from the Richards family meant the Learning and Lifestyle hub was able to significantly upgrade the kitchen to commercial standard. With a considerable number of meals generated there every day, this is a very welcome upgrade. Of note was the tremendous addition to the outdoor area with a large patio covering, outdoor kitchen/BBQ area and planter boxes added throughout. This area was already popular within the first two hours as musicians from the hub gathered to play music and socialise.

Representatives from Redback pose with a Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System Battery

Redback Technologies is enormously proud to have donated a solar battery system to the Learning and Lifestyle hub, enabling them to run a multitude of devices in the centre and reducing their reliance on the grid. With everything from a 3D printer, gym equipment, a large kitchen and numerous air conditioning units, the hub uses a large amount of electricity at any given time. Redback is happy to help keep energy bills down for a place that provides such a wonderful service to the community.

Along with Redback was industry partner Rob from Ecovantage who donated the solar panels on the roof as well as representation from Bundaberg Brewing Company. Their soft drinks went down a treat on such a warm day!

Ben, Mel and Rob had a very informative tour of the whole facility and got to see the Redback solar battery in situ, working effortlessly in the harsh Aussie sun. The Learning and Lifestyle Hub was first built in the 1960s through the tireless efforts of the local community and has been added to over the years.

It was a fascinating look at the power of the community and the love of the families and staff involved. Thank you to the Endeavour Foundation for the hospitality.

Participants provide entertainment with a drum circle