Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by min SOC and off grid SOC?2024-05-14T10:58:24+10:00

SOC stands for State Of Charge

Min SOC is with grid active, the level at which the batteries will stop discharging and idle until the sun comes up or a schedule is used.

Off grid SOC is the level the batteries will discharge down to if there is a blackout.

My Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to be communicating to my system, what should I do?2024-05-14T10:57:57+10:00

1. Go to your inverter. Ensure your network signal is Good or better at this location.

2. On your device, open MyRedback and login. Touch the Hamburger to display the flyout menu.

3. Select Network Connection. Note your system status and select Change Network.

4. You may be notified to start Bluetooth—follow the on-screen instructions. Bluetooth advertising is active when the BLUETOOTH LED is flashing steadily. Touch Bluetooth LED Flashing to continue.

5. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list.

6. Enter Password if asked, and touch Connect. A success message will appear.

7. Wait a few minutes and then confirm onboarding success: o On the app, check that data is refreshing every 60 seconds. o On the Portal, check that your system is online, and refreshing every 60 seconds.

8. If onboarding fails, try again, or contact Redback Customer Support for help.

I bought a new router and now my system is offline. What do I do?2024-05-14T10:57:33+10:00

If you have changed internet provider recently you have also most likely changed your router

The most common cause for connectivity issues in this situation is WIFI 6 being enabled on the new router

Please disable WIFI 6 in your router for optimal connection

*If you need help updating your router settings please contact your internet service provider, for the best results we recommend hard cabling our products with ethernet connections

Once you have disabled WIFI 6 please follow the following steps to onboard the Inverter to the Internet:

My system is showing as offline in the portal/app. How can I fix this?2024-05-14T10:57:01+10:00

Download the app mentioned in your owner’s guide and follow the steps provided.

Why does my Wi-Fi need to be connected to the system?2024-05-14T10:56:37+10:00

The system does not need an internet connection to function. However as part of the warranty agreement with Pylontech the batteries need to be continuously monitored. Not only this but if you were to have an issues with your system being able to log in and investigate greatly reduces downtime.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?2024-05-14T10:56:06+10:00

Contact your Installer or you can raise a case directly with Redback from our portal

If you have already raised a support request or are unable to access the portal please email customersupport@redbacktech.com

Can I perform my own maintenance on my system?2024-05-14T10:54:22+10:00

Maintenance needs to be done by an installer or licensed electrician.

As the system owner, for your safety, the only maintenance you are permitted to perform on your system is cleaning the dust filters on the battery cabinet, ensuring adequate airflow around your system, and ensuring that the system’s environment remains clean.

How can I reset my system?2024-05-14T10:53:37+10:00

Varies from model to model, user guide should always be first point of reference as it contains detailed instructions specific to your system.

What do the lights on my system mean?2024-05-14T10:52:54+10:00

Varies from model to model, user guide should always be first point of reference as it contains detailed graphics specific to your system  

Overview of the lights you may be seeing are:  

  • System Ready – The health of the system  
  • Solar Array – If your solar panels are connected  
  • Utility Grid – If your system is connected to the grid  
  • Energy flow – If your system is importing or exporting  
  • Communications – If your system is communicating or available  
  • Battery – If your batteries are present and active  
  • Backup Power – If your system is utilising the backup power  

Other lights may be:  

  • EMS – Communications availability  
  • Network – If your system is connected to the internet  

If your redback system contains batteries it should have a Ouija Board    

The Ouija board is located on the front of your inverter, underneath the access hatch. The lights here indicate the following:    

  • Power – Ouija board is on  
  • Heartbeat – Flashing is normal operation. Solid indicates frozen.  
  • Inverter – Solid light indicates Ouija is connected to the inverter  
  • Battery – Solid light indicates Ouija is connected to the batteries. Flashing indicates the Ouija is searching for the batteries.  
  • Network(or WIFI) – Solid light indicates Ouija is connected to a network. Flashing indicates the Ouija is searching for the network and not connected.  
  • Bluetooth(or 4G) – Solid light indicates Ouija is connected to bluetooth. Flashing indicates the Ouija is advertising bluetooth.
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