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Reduce your exposure to increasing electricity prices and power your house with self-generated power day and night. A smart and robust home battery system from Redback gives you long-lasting peace of mind when it comes to your electricity costs.

Recommended By Homeowners

“Before we had the Redback system our electricity bills were really high. Now we don’t have to worry about that… We have found the support from Redback people to be first-class. We have recommended Redback to our friends and family because it’s such a good quality, professional product. – Redback Customer, Electrical Engineer, Phil Best

“It has made such a difference. We virtually use nothing on the grid, so it has been well worth it. We chose Redback because it was smaller, it was compatible, and it was a really good package. We have received our bill this week and we are $74.75 in credit!” –  Redback Customer, Wendy Leitchfield.

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To ensure the quickest response the Redback customer service team request that you log a portal support request via the Redback Portal.  Once your request has been logged the customer service team will be in contact. 

If you have lost your portal password, please go to the Redback Portal and click ‘forgot your password’,  you will receive a password reset email, if you don’t receive the email straight away please check your spam/junk folder, if you still cannot log in, or have not received your Redback portal login details via email, please call 1300 240 182.  

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