Consumer Alert – LG battery recall

Published On: November 21st, 2022|2 min read|

There is a current battery recall issued by the ACCC for some models of LG batteries. These batteries pose a fire risk.

LG batteries which may be found inside early model (installed prior to 2020) Redback Smart Hybrids (SH4600/SH5000) may be affected by the recall.

The ACCC is urging consumers to check their batteries immediately to see if they are an at-risk model.

How to identify if your Redback system contains affected LG batteries

  • Only LG batteries installed in Redback Smart Hybrids (SH4600/SH5000) may be affected.
  • If you have a Smart 3-Phase Hybrid (ST10000) or Smart Battery (SB7200, SB9600 or SB14200), your system will not be affected by the recall
  • The majority of Redback SH4600/SH5000s use Pylontech batteries, rather than LG. If you have Pylontech batteries inside your Redback, you are not affected by the recall.
  • Please check the serial number on the side of your Redback SH4600/SH5000. Serial numbers starting with RB2XXXXXXXXXXXXX do not contain LG batteries and will not be affected by the recall.
  • Where our records indicate that a faulty LG battery may be installed with a Redback SH4600/SH5000, we have worked with LG to alert these customers.

  • Recall only applies to LG batteries which may be found in some Redback SH4600/SH5000s, with batteries manufactured between:
    • 21 January 2016 – 28 March 2017
    • 29 March 2017 – 13 September 2018
    • 14 September 2018 – 30 June 2019
  • If you have an LG RESU battery, you will be able to locate the serial number as the batteries will be external from the Redback system. You can check if they have been impacted by the recall by checking the serial number here. Other models of LG batteries may also be installed internally inside Redback SH4600/SH5000s.
  • If you are unsure if you have LG batteries or Pylontech batteries installed in your Redback, please:
    • Where possible, check your original quote or invoice from your installer, to identify if you have LG or Pylontech batteries
    • If your system has LG batteries, but you are not able to see the serial number on the batteries, please follow the instructions on the LG recall page here.
    • If you are unable to determine if you have LG or Pylontech batteries, please contact our Support team here.

Redback Technologies stopped using LG batteries in 2019, and now exclusively use Pylontech batteries in all of our battery systems. 

An image of the LG battery with a warning symbol and LG Battery Recall written next to it.