Clear skies for Redback Technologies in South Australia home battery scheme

Published On: February 12th, 2019|3 min read|

Clear skies for Redback Technologies in South Australia home battery scheme

AUSTRALIA –  Tuesday 5th February: Brisbane–based start-up, Redback Technologies, today announced that its solar and storage solution, the Smart Hybrid Inverter, will become available on a subsidised basis under the South Australia (SA) home battery scheme. Redback is the only Australian – based company to currently be involved in the scheme.

The scheme announced in October, allows SA households to receive state government grants of up to $6000 to install solar home battery technology. The program is intended to make it easier for consumers to shift to more affordable and reliable energy sources.

Patrick Matweew, CEO, Redback Technologies, says: “With the cost of renewable energy technology continuing to fall, there’s never been a better time to consider solar and battery storage for homeowners.”

“We applaud the South Australian government for introducing the subsidy. They are refocussing efforts on empowering consumers to take control of their energy future, whilst simultaneously driving energy prices down, taking stress off grid infrastructure and helping to limit climate change. It’s truly a win-win situation.”

The scheme, which was announced by South Australian Premier Steven Marshall, is similar to a program run by the Queensland Government which Redback is also involved in, providing loans and grants for homeowners and small businesses who install combined solar and storage systems.

The Redback Smart Hybrid System, features a 5kW inverter, a new battery cabinet which is expandable and holds up to 9.6kWh of energy storage. The system also has intuitive consumer apps, designed to help homeowners understand their energy consumption and generation, and reduce bills.

“As an Australian born and bred company, we understand the struggles that Australian consumers have when it comes to their energy bills. Since 2015, we’ve been building a product that puts the Australian homeowner at the heart of the technology. We’re confident that the South Australia battery scheme will open us up to a new market and increase our footprint around Australia,” says Matweew.

Redback will be working with key installers in the South Australian market, including NRG Solar Services, Class A Energy Solutions and Greener Housing Solutions to increase the number of installations of its product in the state.

It is the company’s hope that similar subsidy schemes will eventually be introduced on federal level. This would further empower consumers to take charge of their electricity costs and introduce greater competition into the energy market, to the benefit of energy users everywhere.





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