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  • This Christmas, many Aussies will be gathering with family, hosting Christmas lunch, and heading out to look at the neighbourhood Christmas light displays. For many, the holiday season presents the opportunity to give gifts and connect with friends (coupled with a lot of power usage). [...]

  • The smell of smoke is all too familiar to many Aussies during summer as bushfire season rolls around. But this year, things might look a bit different. The recent declaration of an El Niño event promises drier conditions and an increased risk of fires throughout [...]

  • If you’re thinking about going solar, you’ve likely heard of feed-in tariffs – the financial incentive provided to homeowners for selling excess generated solar to the grid. While many are already reaping the benefits of these feed-in tariffs, it’s important to keep in mind that [...]

  • As you approach your retirement, securing a comfortable and financially stable future becomes a top priority. In this vibrant phase of your life you're no longer confined by the demands of a daily job, allowing you to explore fresh horizons and make the most of [...]

  • No matter where you are on your solar journey, the topic of safety has likely crossed your mind. As solar and battery technology continues to surge forward, bringing with it a flurry of updates and newer, more sophisticated technologies, it's understandable to ponder some critical [...]

  • Australia’s sun-soaked landscapes have long been a hotbed for solar adoption, where the power of the sun helps households and businesses generate clean and sustainable electricity. But what happens when nature decides to throw a curveball? As of September 2023, El Niño is officially underway [...]

  • In the rapidly evolving world of renewable stored energy, solar power batteries and battery storage systems have become popular choices for homeowners and businesses. After all, going solar – particularly with a battery – can reduce reliance on electricity retailers, provide power during blackouts, [...]

  • Whether you’re just starting out on your solar journey, or you already have a solar system on your roof, the question ‘is this really worth it?’ has likely crossed your mind. Having solar panels is a great first step towards independence from the grid. [...]

  • When determining the best time to install solar or a battery, many people believe the answer is in the summer. After all, solar systems generate power when the sun is shining and there’s no denying the days are longer and warmer in the summer months, [...]

  • Renewable energy has become an increasingly popular option for Australian homeowners, with more and more Aussies looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and protect themselves from rising power prices. In fact, over 3 million Australian homes currently have rooftop solar installed! Feed-in [...]

  • Solar energy has emerged as a popular and sustainable source of energy over the past few decades. It's obvious why this is the case, especially here in Australia; solar energy is an unlimited source of energy that harnesses the power of the sun to [...]

  • Simon, an engineer at Redback Technologies and his wife have been living and raising a family in suburban Brisbane for over a decade. Due to a growing awareness of climate change, they decided to turn to renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint and [...]