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  • In a world focused on financially-savvy, environmentally-friendly living, it’s no surprise that residential building strategies have evolved with our futures in mind. Those building a home are looking for new ways to innovate both financially and in terms of their environmental footprint. But these days, [...]

  • From overcoming a Voluntary Adminstration to the state of the Renewables industry, and solar options available to Aussie homeowners - the latest edition of The Solar Insiders Podcast has it all. A big thank you to the RenewEconomy & One Step Off The Grid teams [...]

  • Welcome to Team Spotlight – where we introduce you to the talented Redback Technologies team. At Redback, we prioritise providing exceptional technical support to both our installers and homeowners. So, for this edition, we’re going to shine a spotlight on James Wellsmore – Redback’s Head [...]

  • In the vast landscape of solar products available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. It’s normal to find yourself considering the most cost-efficient option for your solar setup while weighing up the options of different brands. On top of [...]

  • Embarking on a solar storage journey often feels like stepping into a world brimming with possibilities — paired with a fair share of complexities. The decision-making process becomes a mixed bag of choices, particularly when it comes to the equipment you [...]

  • As its name suggests, the Sunshine State has no shortage of available solar energy – and with over one million Queensland homes already equipped with rooftop solar, it’s safe to say that Queenslanders are soaking up the solar lifestyle. For [...]

  • Welcome to Team Spotlight - where we introduce you to the talented Redback Technologies team. As an Australian technology company, Redback’s heart lies with its engineers and software developers. So, for this edition, we're taking a deep dive into the career of our Director of [...]

  • The small town of Buxton, nestled about 100km northeast of Melbourne, has seen its fair share of disaster - from the Black Friday bushfires in 1939 to the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, and many smaller blazes along the way. Suffice it to say - [...]

  • Australia is the sunniest continent on Earth, so it’s no wonder that over 3 million Aussies (and counting) are adopting solar. Over the last 12 months, power prices have significantly jumped in some areas, promoting many more Aussie homes to install solar. Fortunately, many households [...]

  • Before Gareth Oakes installed his Redback Smart Three-Phase Hybrid in August 2022, he was copping a $600 quarterly power bill. When we last checked in with Gareth in December 2022, a mere 4 months after installing his Redback, his power bill had plummeted to just [...]

  • This Christmas, many Aussies will be gathering with family, hosting Christmas lunch, and heading out to look at the neighbourhood Christmas light displays. For many, the holiday season presents the opportunity to give gifts and connect with friends (coupled with a lot of power usage). [...]

  • The smell of smoke is all too familiar to many Aussies during summer as bushfire season rolls around. But this year, things might look a bit different. The recent declaration of an El Niño event promises drier conditions and an increased risk of fires throughout [...]