Australian households installed 20 per cent more solar batteries systems in 2020 than in the previous year!

Battery energy storage systems in Australia found new markets! In 2020, Australian households led the installation of 31,269 battery energy storage systems around the country*, a 20 per cent jump on total numbers in 2019, despite – or perhaps because of – the impact of Covid-19.

“In 2020 Australians continued to demonstrate a desire to reduce their power bills by making the most of the nation’s abundant and cheap solar power and empower themselves with a battery,” said the managing director of solar analytics group SunWiz, Warwick Johnston. “It was a surprisingly good year.”

But do you know why?

An increasing number of Australian families have decided to take the leap on solar and storage in 2020 for many reasons. Here are some of them:

💰 You can eliminate or reduce your power bill.
💡 You can keep lights and selected appliances on in blackouts.
💡 You can use your solar power when the sun is down.
🌏 You can generate and consume your own clean power, which helps support the broader shift to renewables within Australia.
⚡️ You can have greater energy independence and can even sell your self-generated power back to the grid for some extra money.

The Basics of Solar Energy and Home Battery Storage

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*Source: SunWiz, solar market analyst.