Are household solar batteries safe?

Published On: November 28th, 2022|3 min read|

At Redback Technologies, one of the most common questions we get asked is “are household solar batteries safe?”

When considering home storage, it’s logical to assess any potential risks. Specifically, does solar battery storage pose a fire risk to your home.

Front view of Redback Battery unit

While the batteries used to store the energy produced by your home’s solar system are generally considered safe, it is important to understand fire risk and the ways that you can mitigate it.

In general, there are a few reasons why a battery may catch fire. Low-quality components and manufacturing defects are considered the main cause of battery failure. However, this is unlikely to occur in Australia due to our high standards and import requirements. Less common reasons a unit may catch fire include keeping the battery exposed to a high heat source for an extended period, or penetration which can cause a short-circuit and eventually fire. Installation standards help to minimise this risk in Australia.

1. Choose high quality battery chemistry and a reliable manufacturer.

At Redback Technologies, we only pair our solar storage systems with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. These are made from a non-toxic battery chemistry and are considered the safest storage option on the market right now. We exclusively use batteries manufactured by Pylontech in our storage solutions, which, according to ongoing tests conducted at the independent ITP renewables battery test are one of the best performing units on the market. They’re also fully compliant with all Australian safety standards.

2. Protect your system from damage and avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Every Redback storage system includes an enclosure to house the batteries. These enclosures are built using high-quality and highly durable materials such as steel and aluminium. The robust design protects the system from becoming a risk due to physical impact. Our Redback battery enclosures are equipped with an active cooling system that operates by monitoring the temperature inside the enclosure. When the cell reaches a particular operating temperature, the fans inside the enclosure are activated and assist in cooling the batteries by pulling cold air through the bottom of the enclosure and expelling warm air through the top, preventing them from overheating. Our Redback Solar Storage Systems have been designed in Australia for our harsh Aussie weather conditions and are safe to install both indoors and outdoors.

3. Ensure your system is installed by a qualified installer.

Redback works with certified and qualified partners to ensure that every system is installed in a safe and fully operational manner. Our experienced local technical support team is available to our installation partners and customers if there are questions or concerns. Since all Redback systems are connected to the Redback cloud, we can use real-time telemetry data to identify any issues early and make sure they are resolved quickly and effectively.

The combination of Australian safety standard-compliant batteries, high-quality enclosures, and installations being performed by professional technicians means that Redback smart home battery systems are a safe choice for your home.

Solar installer working on a Redback battery