84% of young families believe it’s up to the country to guarantee a renewable energy powered future

Published On: December 6th, 2019|3 min read|

84% of young families believe it’s up to the country to guarantee a renewable energy powered future

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These days, you can’t go too far without seeing someone walking around with a reusable coffee cup or water bottle, but new research has found that many Aussies think we should be doing even more for a sustainable future, like switching out our electricity.

Our children are our most precious possessions

According to a survey that was commissioned by Redback Technologies, an Aussie solar and battery provider, two thirds of Australians believe that the country doesn’t do enough in terms of its uptake of renewable energy and that is lagging behind other countries.

Despite the fact that 80% of those surveyed believed that the government should be responsible for contributing to a renewable energy-powered future, 84% of young Aussie families – families with children under 11 – said that households should also be held accountable to ensuring a sustainable future.

“While it’s clear that the majority of consumers are passionate about the issue of climate change, younger families are particularly concerned. This is likely because they know their children will experience the worst effects of today’s inaction,” said Redback Technologies CEO, Patrick Matweew.

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What’s holding Aussie families back from using solar

Although 45% of young families have considered investing in solar panels and battery systems, perceived upfront costs, a lack of understanding on how solar systems work and knowing where to purchase them were the three biggest things holding families back.

“It’s not surprising to see more Aussies are considering powering their home through solar, but the country still has a way to go in making sure households have enough information on their side to help make the transition,” said Mozo energy expert, Nathan Warne.

“Just like any big ticket item, it’s important to do your research by getting at least three solar system quotes before signing the dotted line and reading up on how you’ll be able to get the most out of your battery storage system.”

More than half of Aussies experienced bill shock

Going solar might also have something to do with rising energy bills for many young families, with 57% reportedly dreading opening their energy bill, while 53% were in shock with how much they owed.

“Beyond sustainability, energy costs are a clear cause of anxiety for young families and most Australians. By using solar energy and storage systems, consumers can not only generate their own power and offset price hikes, they can also reduce their carbon footprint,” said Matweew.

“It’s one of the most direct and powerful ways of contributing to Australia’s renewable energy future while also looking after their wallets.”

Of those Aussies who experienced bill shock, 53% didn’t think their last bill was fair, or trust that their energy provider was giving them the best deal.

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