5 Great reasons to work at Redback

Published On: February 21st, 2018|1 min read|

Software Tester Geoff shares his top 5 reasons why he enjoys working at Redback.

Wednesday 21st February, written by Geoff Newnam, Software Tester, Redback Technologies

Geoff Newnam started his exciting journey as a Software Tester in December 2017.

When asked how he describes his experience at Redback, Geoff says ‘Fantastic. working at Redback has been a huge learning curve, the unique projects and ground breaking style of work that Redback pursues means that I am always learning and working on something new and exciting’.

Geoff says he loves working at Redback. We’ll let Geoff tell you, in his own words, why…

  1. Working on technology that will improve the world
  2. Having the opportunity to dive into all aspects of a project, not necessarily just what your job title specifies
  3. Flexibility to balance family life
  4. Focus on training and upskilling employees
  5. Clearly passionate management team and co-workers who inspire the best from everyone

I enjoy being a Software Tester because I can use my skills to help ensure the best quality product is being delivered.

What keeps me at Redback?  The chance to be a part of the development of ground breaking technology while learning and improving my skills and abilities.

If someone is considering an opportunity at Redback, here is my advice: Take it, don’t think twice.